We us USPS to ship most of our orders. 

Shipping within the US takes anywhere from 2-5 business days to arrive at your location once the order is picked up by the postal service. We try to have all orders processed and ready to ship within 1 week from the day they are placed. As of lately there have been numerous and unpredictable issued with the supply chain and there have been many unexpected delays. We always try to reach out to our customers to let them know and give them more info in the event this happens. 


We us USPS for our international shipping. Processing of your order can take up to 1 week from the date of your order. Once the item ships, transit times using USPS international are usually 7-10 business days. Because customs is involved, this time frame can be much longer for no apparent reason. We have seen international shipments take up to 6 weeks to arrive to the customer. Once we hand the item to the postal service, it is out of our control as to how long it will actually take, and we cannot get any more specific information on the shipment than what is available on the USPS website. We will include a tracking number for you to follow your purchase, but in many cases, these tracking numbers are not updated between the point the item leaves the US and its arrival at the customers location. In addition, there are currently several issues with the supply chain that are causing random delays here and there with inventories.


When Priority shipping is available, it will speed up the time your item takes to arrive at your location, from the point we drop it to USPS. There is still a processing time before your order ships that can take up to 1 week in most cases, so please account for this when ordering.

Average transit times within the US are 2-4 days for Priority. 

Priority shipping is not available for international orders.